Working with School Stakeholders: Brigada Eskwela

"Brigada Eskwela" is a community-driven program in the Philippines that strives to bring together all stakeholders to engage and donate their time, energy, and resources to prepare the school facilities for the start of classes. It entails volunteer work, resource mobilization, and collaborative efforts among teachers, parents, students, local government entities, and other community members.

Republic Act 8525, which was passed during the administration of President Ramos, served as the foundation for Brigada Eskwela. The goal of the "Adopt a School Program" was to promote civic engagement and public-private collaboration in public education. RA 8525 offered tax breaks for private school initiatives.

Brigada Eskwela (BE), also known as National Schools Maintenance Week, entails community-wide efforts to assist the Department of Education in providing quality, accessible, relevant, and liberating basic education to all Filipino students.

The Brigada Pagbasa (BP), also known as the Brigada Eskwela, is an after-school reading program developed in response to the Hamon: Bawat Bata Bumabasa or DepEd 3B Initiative, which was issued under DM 173, section 3. 2019. All BE implementers are urged to participate in this reading partnership effort, which serves as a platform to synergize education-related activities that address literacy and numeracy learning gaps instantly.

This reading advocacy serves as a platform for all stakeholders to submit potential solutions to enhance the country's education system, particularly in providing students with 21st century skills. Following the success of the Brigada Pagbasa's statewide implementation last school year, the Brigada Pagbasa will continue with the goal of enlisting more education partners and specialists to enhance this after-school reading program.

DepEd admitted in the same publication that activities made to increase learners' reading abilities are insufficient based on the outcomes of national tests for learners. The Brigada Pagbasa Program aspires to make every learner a reader by collaborating with partners and stakeholders to foster a reading culture.

What is a stakeholder in education? 

A stakeholder in education is someone who has an interest in or is touched by the educational system in some manner. It is someone who has a ''stake'' or a vested interest in the success and well-being of a school or educational system.

Stakeholders in education include those who are actively involved (such as parents, teachers, and students) as well as those who are indirectly touched (such as government officials and local business leaders) by an educational system's success or failure. Everyone in a community is a stakeholder in education.

Importance of Brigada Eskwela

• Brigada Eskwela helps the school save resources. The school's ability to create practical connections and networks with stakeholders is being examined in this area. Since this activity is being conducted by 
volunteers, the majority of the resources are being used to raise donations.

• It fosters unity and collaboration among all parties involved. They become united and motivated inside as they consider how they can help and work together for the benefit of the school where their children are enrolled.

• A large and heavy task becomes smaller and lighter with the spirit of Bayanihan.

• Stakeholders establish and maintain camaraderie.

• Learners' safety is maintained.

• The cleanliness and orderliness of the school make it appealing and welcoming to the eyes of the students.

Moreover, participation in Brigada Eskwela as an education student offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with school stakeholders, contribute to school reform, and receive practical experience in community involvement. This program provides a chance to make a significant difference in the lives of children, teachers, and the greater community.


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